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Collision Technologies is your source for Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) Traffic Safety and Forensic Mapping solutions & training.  Contact us for quotes and/or demonstrations on the LTI product line of Speed measuring devices and Mapping systems to include: QuickMap 3D data collector software and FAROZone 2D & 3D forensic CAD.  Mr. Rineholt is a Certified LTI Trainer.    

Collect 3-D coordinates with a high degree of angle and distance accuracy.

*TruSpeed Sxb maps scenes and measure speeds

*TruPulse 200X (Distance Laser) 3D Scene Mapping

*Improves efficiency by mapping multiple points from a single control point

*Measures directly to evidence, or to a a prism pole


Complete Mapping Packages:  


*TruPulse 200X (Displayed) or TruSpeed Sx(b)

*TruAngle angle encoder

*Cedar CT8 Data Collector with Quickmap 3D

*FAROZone 2D

*FARO Zone 3D

*Field equipment (Tripods, Prism Poles, and more)


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TruSpeed® Sxb with Bluetooth®

Contains state of the art technology at an unmatched value.  Weighs less than a pound.


• Sxb communicates SpeedCapture App via Bluetooth®

• Clearly identifies vehicles with 7x superior optics

• Handles the demands of daily usewith rugged exterior and tactile grips


Collect 2D & 3D coordinates with a high degree of angle and distance accuracy.


The TruPoint 300 mapping system is lightweight and compact total station ideal for use in applications such as Crime Scene Investigations and Vehicle Crush Damage Profile.  


The TruPoint 300 system produces survey-grade accuracy, it measures distances, inclination and horizontal angels for X, Y, Z measurements. Accuracy to Typical Targets is +/- 1mm (0.04 in) and Range limits of 0.16 to 1000 feet.


The 3D measurement data is stored on the Juniper Systems CT8 Rugged Android tablet for use as the data collector, and mapping operations are conducted through with the QuickMap3D software.
















*CT8 Cedar Android Tablet with Quickmap 3D

*FAROZone 2D  

*FARO Zone 3D (Standard & Advanced)*And any additional field equipment needed.


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A Powerful Combination.....


The TruPulse 200x and TruAngle integrate for the ultimate solution to map crash scenes.